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Listen for this: 'Semi-automatic assault rifle'

This is just a small observation I’d like to make. I just witnessed a possible new tactic by the Democrats in the fight over the Second Amendment.

I just watched a segment of Fox News Sunday where gun control was being debated. A new term just slid into the discourse by Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., and that term was “semi-automatic assault rifles”! Is this a new attempt to mess with the public’s mind once again?

The old term of “assault weapon” is losing its legitimacy. Through education, the gun novice is starting to realize that the term “assault rifle” was usurped by the left and used to confuse the public and demonize a class of rifle that was not an “assault weapon.”

So now the leftists see a big chink in their argument, and there’s a growing disdain among the American people because they realize that they’ve been massaged by these poor excuses of bipeds in power to be scared of these weapons from hell. So, they’re trying to introduce a new specter into the minds of the sheeple: “Semi-automatic assault rifle”!

There is no such thing!

But they’re trying to create subliminally in the minds of people the existence of such a category of weapon. They’re trying to dilute the power of the argument that “assault rifles” are fully automatic capable, and retail lookalikes available to the public are not. Why? Because they want to get the semi-autos, all of them!

This is similar to what was pulled after the collapse of Al Gore’s “hockey stick.” The debate is over! Global warming scam! After two hackers in England exposed the emails of the leading so-called scientists responsible for “proving global warming,” we discovered that all the science was fabricated, Al Gore was a perpetrator of a fraud and the world was being lied to. What happened next?

“Global warming” was changed to “climate change”!

The story was disappeared as fast as possible, and Al Gore shamelessly is still out there barking. Even today, Obama has as one of his objectives climate-change legislation! (Say goodbye to more of those pieces of paper you’re trying to keep in your billfold or purse!) Get yourself a copy of “Climategate” and start there.

So now “assault rifle” is miraculously in the process of being morphed into “semi-automatic assault rifle”!

Today was the first time I heard this term used. It will be on my radar from here on. I’m curious to witness how fast it will metastasize into the vocabulary of the anti-gun body as a whole.

This could, of course, blow up in their faces and be revealed as an act of subterfuge and desperation – if it can be countered and exposed for what it is: Psychological conditioning of the sheep to accept, even subconsciously, that there is such a thing as a “semi-automatic assault rifle”!

Americans are increasingly angry over being manipulated and lied to. Obama may be overlooking the growing indignation of common folks as they catch onto his trickery. Then again, maybe it’s part of the plan.

So just a heads up: Listen for the use of this new phrase in coming gun-control debates and media reports.