(CHRISTIAN POST) — A news report that Joseph Farah, the CEO and chief editor of the conservative website WorldNetDaily, had been removed from the guest list of the sixth Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast that took place on Jan. 21 has been proven to be false.

Media Matters originally reported that Farah, who has questioned President Barack Obama’s document that says he was born in the United States, was removed from the Jan. 21 event, and even featured a quote from Merrie Turner, the organizer of the independent Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, that said that his original inclusion was a mistake.

WorldNetDaily contacted the Christian Post this week, however, and said that the Media Matters report was entirely inaccurate and that Farah had not been removed from the guest list.

WND NOTE: Read Joseph Farah’s thoughts on the matter in his column, “The Soros slander machine”

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