Michael Savage

“When you read about fiscal cliff talks, you know it’s all malarkey,” Savage said to listeners, pointing out that what really matters is that “never before in American history have we had 50 percent of the country paying no taxes.

“Never before in American history,” he added, “have we had an outright communist who looks at people who earn money, make a living, build businesses, and attacks them for being the enemy of the people” (FREE audio).

Later in the week, Savage talked about his one and only meeting with Mitt Romney, which took place a year before the election.

“Romney lost because he told me and my listeners to get lost,” said Savage. “He never wanted to win. He was a fall guy who was set up to lose by the Democrat-Republican machine” (FREE audio).

Rush Limbaugh

It seems like everyone is talking about a new show on the Oxygen channel called “All My Babies’ Mamas,” a “reality TV” program about a rapper who has fathered 11 children with 10 different women.

Limbaugh predicted that the show would be a hit: “If you look at the statistics, again, I’m just gonna tell you: The illegitimacy rate and the percentage of single-mother households, how many of these types of families are there? How many families are there where some guy has multiple kids with multiple women? Oxygen is obviously thinking that there’s a sizeable audience to be reached here, and they are probably right” (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Obama’s appointment of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense was the topic of a heated debate between Juan Williams of Fox News and financial advisor Charles Butler.

Williams claimed that Hagel had a strongly conservative track record on foreign policy and will provide the GOP with an “inside man” in the cabinet. Butler and Hannity both pointed out that Hagel is “a PLO sympathizer, a Holocaust denier and someone who has never come to the aid of Israel” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Klein’s WABC radio show’s ratings continue to rise. According to the industry bible Talkers Magazine, his was the No. 1 show in its time slot among men 35-plus, and No. 3 in the market.

Klein told Talkers, “This clearly demonstrates that there is hunger for live weekend talk radio programming if the content is compelling, exclusive, news-oriented and entertaining.”

Klein made headlines this week when he interviewed fellow radio host Michael Savage, who declared that America needs a third political party.

Savage calls for the establishment of an alternative to the Democrats and Republicans, a nationalist party that will carry his long-time slogan “Borders. Language. Culture” (FREE audio).

Klein also revealed some of the shocking language included in the Obamacare bill that could lead to rationing and “death panels.” He also talks about the implication of Al Gore’s sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera and the looming possibility of a terrorist EMP attack (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Levin warned that Vice President Biden, with all his talk about “executive orders,” is going after the First Amendment, not just the Second: “And it’s even worse than that. It’s only certain types of First Amendment issues.

“Did the vice president of the United States call in the heads of Hollywood studios? Did he call in actors who are in action movies?” he asked. “None of that.”

“Guns. Why is that?” he continued. “Because the goal is to disarm or at least to control as much as possible law-abiding regular citizens” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

This week, Beck announced that he is re-launching his multi-platform media empire as a “global libertarian news network.”

Beck declared that Americans were tired of having to choose between two polarizing political broadcasters, MSNBC and FOX News, “yelling at each other.”

“I consider myself a libertarian,” Beck explained. “I’m a lot closer to Penn Jillette than I am to Chuck Hagel.”

His ambitious plan includes opening three foreign bureaus in international cities that are “important to America” and launching his version of the flagship show “Nightline,” to be called “For the Record.”

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