The University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus is spending more than $3,400 to put on a seminar for “orgasm aficionados and beginners of all genders” to discuss their sex lives.

The event, reported by, is promoted online as “A Program About Sexual Health and Women’s Empowerment.”

“Are you coming?” the promotion asks.

The event is planned this spring by the university’s Office of Diversity and Equity’s Women’s Center, and it does not list an age limit.

In fact, university spokeswoman Patricia Mattern told Campus Reform today in an email that there is not age requirement.

“This educational workshop is open to the full university community, and participation is voluntary,” she told the organization. “As a research institution, we study, publish and educate on a vast range of topics, including human sexuality.”

She told Campus Reform the program costs $3,406.

Scheduled teachers are “sex educators” Marshall Miller and Kate Weinberg. The program also is getting support from the Women’s Student Activist Collective, Aurora Center for Advocacy & Education and GLBTA Programs Office.

A website for Miller states: “In our programs we use a mixture of interactive activities, lecture, discussion, multimedia, funny stories, and question and answer. Nothing embarrasses us, and no topic is too basic or too risqué.”

The website notes that an important role for students to play in getting the seminar onto a campus to discuss sex is to “Raise the cash you’ll need to bring us in.”

A poster promoting the event says it will focus on “sexuality and pleasure.”

The website notes Weinberg was inspired to the work when she realized how sexuality “is a thing so intimately connected to politics, religion, guilt, expectation, the ways in which we live and are allowed to live.”

“She’s a certified yoga instructor and the author of an acclaimed young adult novel. Kate lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., and has long wished that she could be a mermaid,” the site explains.

Miller is a trainer of teachers for the Unitarian Universalist and United Church of Christ “Our Whole Lives” sexuality education program.

The Minnesota school says the event, at the Theater St. Paul Student Center in April, is for all, “whether you want to learn how to have your first orgasm, how to have better ones, or how to help your girlfriend.”

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