Re: “Is Obama biblical ‘Lord of the Flies’?”

Prepare yourselves for a spine chill. The “Testament of Solomon,” a pseudepigrapha written in Greek between 1st and 3rd centuries A.D., weighs in on the activities of Beelzeboul (aka Beelzebub), the Prince of Demons and Lord of the Flies.

The ghastly ancient citation seemingly fits Obama like a shell fits a snail:

“I Solomon said unto him: ‘Beelzeboul, what is thy employment?’ And he answered me: ‘I destroy kings. I ally myself with foreign tyrants. And my own demons I set on to men, in order that the latter may believe in them and be lost. And the chosen servants of God, priests and faithful men, I excite unto desires for wicked sins, and evil heresies, and lawless deeds; and they obey me, and I bear them on to destruction. And I inspire men with envy, and desire for murder, and for wars and sodomy, and other evil things. And I will destroy the world.'” – from the Testament of Solomon.


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