I am writing in reference to the pressure being ratcheted up for greater gun control by so-called celebrities of the entertainment industries, including sports.

I couldn’t care less what those hypocrites have to say. They make a living off of the promotion of violence in one form or another, which is why I do not spend money on such nonsense as movies, music or sports. I am quite capable of entertaining myself; since I quit supporting the hypocrites with my money I have gone back to playing musical instruments, and when I feel like it I go out and play a game or two of golf, bowling, basketball or baseball.

It’s not that hard giving up the herd mentality once you have reached your tolerance level for BS from a bunch of narcissistic hypocrites.

So enough already. Just ignore them; quit spending your time and money supporting them and their agenda; get off your butts and take charge of your own mental and physical health; spend your time and money on worthwhile activities, and let those narcissistic parasites get flushed down the drain of irrelevance.

Will Fox

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