(Times of Israel) Herbs are for more than just tea — they may be the next big thing in the fight against pests. Particularly one herb that grows in Israel’s Negev desert, whose medicinal properties have been known to the Bedouin for generations. Yaniv Kitron of Israel’s EdenShield has discovered that it works pretty well as a natural “pesticide,” too.

Not that there’s any spraying of bugs going on. Kitron’s idea is to take this herb — as well as others known to discourage insect infestation — and apply it to the nets in greenhouses. There are many natural substances that insects of different types are unable to tolerate; when they smell the aroma generated by these substances, they turn tail and fly away. Spraying the nets that surround the greenhouses where fruits, vegetables, and other produce are raised, will help keep the bugs away from the plants. Thus, farmers will lose less to infestation and will be able to take more goods to the market. To boot, Kitron’s system will be great for the consumers: The produce they buy will have significantly less pesticide sprayed on it.

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