Now Obama wants to nominate Wahhabi-John Brennan to CIA, the dumb SOB who hates Israel and who refuses to call Islamists by their name: extremists and terrorists. This man could also be the one who did Benghazi – who set it up and made it into the disaster that it was. It is likely that he’s the author of the notion of the “Muhammad movie” that the incompetent Rice was trying to peddle. It has his stink all around it.

Then there’s Chuck Hagel. Israel should be quivering about now, with these nouveau nazis – or, rather, Mufti of Jerusalem reduxes about to be put into positions of power. I am more frightened for our nation and for Israel than I’ve ever been. This is a really, really bad sign of things to come.

And for American Jews who voted for Obama – again? YOU have just sold out Israel.

Jim McFarland

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