Great editorial, Mr. Farah [“Obama wants background checks on you]. With the fate of the Constitution and American liberty now hanging in the balance, exposing some or all of Obama’s hidden 11 records, as you list them, may turn the tide against Obama and cement his impeachment and removal from office. It’s crucial that Americans see these records.

There’s another element to your righteous demand that Obama undergo a background check even as he is demanding more background checks of Americans exercising their constitutional right. Barack Obama is in charge of the U.S. military. The military has a gigantic arsenal of nuclear weapons and every other type of machine that kills and destroys. Obama “has provided next to zero validated information about himself.” It’s therefore crazy not to do a background check on Obama the Unknown, who has the power of life and death over millions of people in the military and hundreds of millions of civilians.

Indeed, the military rank and file, not just civilians, should have the right to publicly demand unaltered proof of Obama’s fitness and authority to be their commander in chief. Military men and women serving America should be certain that the man who orders them into wars where they risk life and limb isn’t a fraud, a dangerous security risk, an enemy agent, or all three.

Harry H.

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