“Obama has repeatedly returned to the well of racial divisiveness to serve his political ends,” claims pundit Ann Coulter. “His 2008 presidential campaign managed to revive the white guilt that had long since dissipated and then hinted that the one path to racial reconciliation was to make him president. Only then could we stop talking about race – a conversation he had initiated in the first place.

“Alas, since he’s been president, that’s all we talk about.”

So says Coulter in her new blockbuster, “Mugged.” Once again, we see why the blonde bomber is more than a burr under the left’s (side) saddle. “Mugged” explores the race-baiting employed by Obama and his minions, and I must say, it’s the best Coulter book in some time. “Mugged” is a shocking analysis of the true history of race relations in America, and we learn shocking details that shine a light on the real guilty parties.

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Among the sparkling vignettes Coulter provides is the scene in Tuscumbia, Ala. –home to the national headquarters of the KKK. This provides a most interesting glimpse into the utter hypocrisy of the left. Carter, just another in a string of coldly cynical Democrats running for president (and winning), pandered to the worst elements for votes, then turned around and declared himself a champion for civil rights.

And notice how Michelle Obama has jumped into the fray. Coulter points out that when the Obamas appeared on “60 Minutes” the day after Barack declared his candidacy for president, Steve Kroft asked Michelle if she feared “some crazy person with a gun.”

As the smooth propagandist she is, the future first lady replied, “I don’t lose sleep over it, because the realities are that, you know, as a black man, Barack can get shot going to the gas station.”

How many black men have been shot going to the gas station in the last few decades? Hmm? Presumably, this was before Michelle came to feel proud of her country for the first time, but it shows again the icy pragmatism used by the left.

Coulter provides a bevy of important stories that show the mainstream media stonewall when it comes to black-on-white hate crimes – all the while keeping the reverse in front of the public for decades.

Take the case of Ann Viner. A 63-year-old woman in the affluent area of New Canaan, Conn., Viner was beaten and drowned in 1986, a week before the Howard Beach murder involving white and black teens. As Coulter points out, the New York Times ran three brief stories about Viner’s murder, the longest one at 500 words “when there was still hope that the killers were not black.”

The Howard Beach incident, however, in which 24-year-old Michael Griffith was purposely run over by a driver, became the stuff of legend for the left. A Hollywood movie was made about the incident, and singers Bruce Springsteen, Lauryn Hill and Cyndi Lauper featured the story in their music. Over 1,000 New York Times articles have featured the story.

Hopefully, you’ve figured out by now the partnership between the political left in this country and the media.

Back to Barack.

Americans are trusting, and that has proved to be a flawed characteristic when it comes to media coverage of race relations in this country. Coulter, a savvy attorney, presents compelling evidence that blatant lying advances the story that whites hate minorities in America.

Problem is, it isn’t true: “In January 2009, an article in Slate said, ‘Barack Obama received Secret Service protection earlier than any other candidate in history because of what is euphemistically referred to as the historic nature of the campaign’ (i.e., the fact that he is a black guy).

“None of this was true,” Coulter claims. “The reason Obama’s Secret Service protection started so early was not because he was black. It had nothing to do with the ghosts of Lincoln and King. It was because campaigns start earlier these days.”

There you have it. Just one of hundreds of examples Ann Coulter provides in “Mugged.” This is a terrific book, a collection of ready information the “average person” would not have access to. It lets the rest of us in on the important open secret that the left loathes much of the country.

After reading “Mugged,” at the very least, the reader can make the decision to boycott certain media, and alerting as many as possible that they belong on a list of enemies of the state.

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