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Obama's bricks

Obama is an ideological brick. He is part of a vast conspiracy of diminished intellect that cements itself into a socialistic wall.

Go into any college and ask a sophomore his opinion on politics and foreign affairs. You will think that Obama is speaking through his lips.

Go back to the ’60s and ask a student or an academic what his views on big government, gay rights or Vietnam were and you would find a precursor of Obama’s clich├ęs. You would hear his derivative communism and think that you are listening to a supporter of Khrushchev or Castro.

Obama is so trapped in his Lego that he can’t break a piece of plastic logic out of his game. It’s not that he’s dumb but that he has a boring liberal cognitive set that is typical of his not very original philosophy.

Obama is attempting to give us freedom from our old values. Instead he is building walls to trap us into ideological thinking. We are surrounded by his teleprompter and his bricks.

David Lawrence