There are two remarkable things about Mr. Obama’s second “inauguration.”

First, it is remarkable that it happened at all. Secondly, it marks not the triumph of the left but the end of the left. You heard it here first.

Mr. Obama has spent America into bankruptcy. Yet the Republicans cannot beat him. He espouses fashionable but irrelevant causes long dear to the communist left, such as “gay” “marriage.” Yet the Republicans cannot defeat him.

He allows unfettered immigration. Yet the Republicans cannot touch him. He embraces every baby-butchering bill that comes along. Yet the Republicans cannot topple him.

He has been taken in, hook, line and sinker, by catastrophic anthropogenic climate alarm (CACA). Yet the Republicans – well, you get the point. They have become as irrelevant to politics in the United States as the dotty but costly causes Obama loves.

The second remarkable thing about this “inauguration” is that – though you may not see it yet – it marks the end of the socialist/communist/fascist left as a global political force.

Here is why.

The Republican Party has deliberately, carefully failed to do anything about the in-your-face bogus “birth certificate” Mr. Obama endorsed and posted on the White House website almost two years ago.

How, you may ask, does the failure of the Republican Party to take even the most elementary steps to get rid of an unlawful “president” mark the end of the left?

Simple. The longer Mr. Obama holds office, the more certain and visible will be the resulting national bankruptcy. And if he is allowed to serve out his second four-year sentence, nobody but the left will get the blame. For this reason, some Republicans did not want to win this election, which is why – for the second time in a row – they carefully chose the one candidate unquestionably incapable of beating him.

This faction argues that the huge damage he will cause will be less harmful in the long run, because once he is gone the left will be discredited.

The majority faction are simply too scared of the damage the left would cause to their reputations if they dared publicly to question the legitimacy of “Black Jesus,” as his staff call him. For the hard left have long used a simple and effective tactic to protect their criminals. They follow Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, not the least of which is that the right have all the best arguments, so do not argue with them. Instead, make it plain that if they dare to speak out you will relentlessly destroy their reputations.

The Republicans, frightened for their reputations, have funked it. So you are now stuck with Mr. Obama for another four years.

Here is what will happen. He will continue to be soft on Islam, and Americans will be killed, and opinion will harden against Islamic terrorism.

He will continue to overspend catastrophically, and the Republicans, after a token show of dissent, will continue to let him get away with it.

He will continue to inflict crippling taxes and regulations in the name of Saving The Planet from “global warming” that has now been conspicuous for its unpredicted absence for almost two decades.

He will continue to argue that the corrupt United Nations and the European tyranny-by-clerk are a good thing.

In short, Obama will continue to embody and to espouse every shibboleth, totem and sacred cow of the communist left. And every one of those totems is going to come tumbling down over the coming decade or two.

Islam, which the left courts because there are enough Muslim votes to make a difference, will have to learn to curb its own terrorists or be ostracized.

This financially irresponsible presidency will mark the end of the welfare state as a viable or desirable model. In the end, a welfare state is always a bankrupt state.

Regional and global tyrannies such as the U.N. and the EU will fail, as the climate continues not to warm at anything like the predicted rate and the Eurozone continues to collapse.

Immigration will once again be brought under control, because no Western nation can any longer afford to indulge it as the left have done.

The left, personified by Mr. Obama, have the reverse Midas touch. Everything they touch – everything he argued for in his mawkish inauguration address – is already turning to ashes. Daily, the failures of the left are becoming more visible and more complete. Soon, the Marxists and fascists will be one with Nineveh and Tyre.

And remember this. Once Mr. Obama is gone from the White House, you will no longer need a state’s attorney general to persuade a federal district court to order Hawaii to disclose the original “birth certificate” and hand it over for forensic examination.

In five years’ time, Black Jesus will be in the Big House (unless his Republican successor pardons him). The darling of the international left will have fallen victim to the corruption endemic within the left itself.

The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

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