The banner behind the Obama inauguration grandstand should read, “Welcome to the World’s Biggest Con Game Part II.”

Flying a flag upside down signifies a sailing ship in distress. Therefore, perhaps millions of patriotic Americans should fly Old Glory upside down on Inauguration Day (Jan. 21, 2013). This would be to signal a nation in dire distress and to protest the mind-boggling fraud a shameless liar named Barack Hussein Obama is executing for a second time upon We the People and our Constitution. It’s puzzling to me how military personnel can salute the impostor without breaking up in fits of laughter. Or how a chief justice of the court can administer him the oath of office with a straight face.

Meanwhile, the ever-ready “Ministry of Lies and Deception” (MOLD, for short) marches on for another four years. MOLD is the well-developed federal propaganda machine that actuates mainstream media mouthpieces.


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