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Oops! Gun-map hate mail goes to wrong paper

The Journal News of New York published an interactive map of permitted gun owners, prompting a firestorm of controversy.

In the highly competitive world of the news media, one New York paper is apparently more than happy to embarrass another in connection with the recent gun-map controversy.

The Journal News, which serves readers in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties, recently caused a firestorm of anger when it published an interactive map of addresses, helping identify people who legally own guns in its area. Ironically, the Journal News has since reportedly hired armed guards to protect its own staff.

But some of the public’s comments intended to scourge the Journal News have been mistakenly sent to the wrong newspaper, the Rockland County Times.

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Now, editors at the Rockland paper are going public with those messages.

“The Rockland County Times has decided to publish these letters in the interest of showing exactly how the Journal News’ gun-map stunt made people around North America feel!” the paper shouted Wednesday.

It adds that “most of the letter-writers offered their apologies upon learning they sent their letter to the wrong newspaper.”

One reader, Terry Mulinski of Bothell, Wash., praised the Journal News, saying, “Good call on publishing. What ARE they complaining about?”

But most of the other comments vented a sense of outrage, with some using humor to express their displeasure.

Here is a sampling of some of the letters meant for the Journal News, but received and now published by the Rockland County Times:


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Oops! Gun-map hate mail goes to wrong paper

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