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Pull your kids

The roots of the problems in our nation date back further than most Americans think. Recently, Ellis Washington brought one of these to our attention: the socialization of education, beginning in the latter part of the 19th century.

Before the end of the 19th century, most education was in the hands of parents, churches and private schools. These were all close to home, subject to the wishes of parents and usually taught values consistent with the desires of an overwhelmingly Christian population.

But under the influence of John Dewey and his ilk, public education arose, funded by public monies and increasingly removed from the influence of parents. The structures of public education made it relatively easy for progressive social engineers to infiltrate the ranks and subvert the system with their own sinister ideas of what children should learn, without answering to parents.

Parents, are you disgusted with what your children are learning and grieved by what they are not learning in the nation’s public schools? I suggest that you vote against the system by removing your children from the public schools. Instead, teach them at home or place them in a school that teaches them what you want them to learn. No such school available? Band together and start one!

Is it unfair to pay for public education with your taxes and then also pay again for a decent education for your children? Of course, it is! But your children’s welfare and the future of our nation is worth the sacrifice!

The education of children is not the responsibility of the government but the responsibility of parents, especially of fathers.

Martin H. Koestler