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Red states: Rise up!

I printed and framed Robert Ringer’s column “Next up: The tyranny cliff.”

Ringer throws down the gauntlet . He writes: “[T]he big question will be whether we will try to build a new nation based on a foundation of government tyranny or on individual liberty.”

America is under attack by a vast left-wing government-media conspiracy (operating out of the Democratic Party) whose clear purpose is to discredit individual sovereignty and individual liberty as the bases for a constitutional republic, while they advance Marxism, totalitarianism, Big Brother and statist-corporatists. You can’t negotiate with committed terrorists, and the “far left wackos,” as Ringer calls them, are terrorists of a kind. If you can’t negotiate with them, what’s the point of even playing in their game? Separation from these wackos is the only strategic solution that makes sense. Red states, declare your independence.