Notwithstanding the savage attacks on liberty and economic freedom by the werewolves of Washington, D.C., Americans have an unalienable right to be free, a natural right that the federal government, for all its misused power, can never rescind.

Enter the sovereign states as the people’s rescue team. As there are right-to-work states, so too let us avow right-to-freedom states, sanctuaries of preserved liberty within a once-free, once-great nation. Let a committee of esteemed conservatives and libertarians draw up the criteria for maximum liberty and economic freedom toward which individual states should strive. If their established criteria happen to conflict with unconstitutional federal laws, so be it. Freedom over tyranny is always the correct posture. On that point, state nullification and interposition were strongly endorsed, respectively, by Thomas Jefferson (author of the Declaration of Independence) and James Madison (father of the U.S. Constitution) to counter federal overreach of its strictly delegated powers.

Liberty acts as a powerful magnet and tonic for an oppressed producer class and people with dreams to fulfill. Certified right-to-freedom states will attract, in great numbers, the best and the brightest, the entrepreneurial, the highly motivated and the free spirits. The successful pursuit of happiness in such states as elect to be free will accentuate the gloom-ridden failure of other states devitalized and crushed by tax-and-spend liberal progressives.

Jamie M.

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