Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh’s reaction to Obama’s press conference unveiling his anti-gun executive actions generated plenty of talk in the mainstream media.

Rush asked listeners to play a role reversal thought experiment: What if it had been a Republican president’s press conference instead, announcing a crack down on abortion? What if that president had brought children up on stage “as human shields,” expressing gratitude for not being aborted? (FREE audio)

“In other words,” Rush continued, those would be “the same exact circumstances except you change the subject from firearms to abortion and then ask yourself if the Bob Schieffers [and other media commentators] of the world would go on TV and praise the president as being reasonable” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

Other commentators have started referring to Obama’s “imperial presidency,” but Savage took them to task for appropriating a phrase that liberals coined to describe the Nixon White House.

“The correct phrase to describe Obama is ‘government anarchy,'” Dr. Savage declared (FREE audio).

It’s flu season, and Savage expressed his skepticism about the flu shot.

“Not everything your government tells you is true,” Savage told his audience. “Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, is in the flu shot. So is a compound that contains mercury and other ingredients that are unsafe for human consumption” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Calling Obama’s gun control plans “psychotic,” rock star and patriot Ted Nugent energized Klein’s show this week with his passionate advocacy of Second Amendment rights. Later, former New York City mayor Ed Koch came on to argue for a complete ban on firearms.

In an exclusive segment, Klein revealed Department of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel’s troubling ideas about the military, America’s nuclear arsenal and the supposed “root causes” of Muslim terrorism.

Plus: There’s an epidemic of sexual abuse going on in the country’s public schools, and only Aaron Klein is talking about it (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

If the president acts unilaterally on the debt limit, Mark Levin told his audience, “We have no choice but to remove him from office.”

The reason?

“We as a nation will not go into default any time soon,” Levin explained. “Our revenue exceeds our debt payments. The full faith and credit of the United States is not in danger – unless the president puts it in danger” (FREE audio).

Levin was equally blunt on the topic of gun control, stating that the massacre of children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School “has been exploited by Obama in the most grotesque ways” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Famous (some would say notorious) for his bigger-than-life plans and ideas, Glenn Beck may have topped them all this week when he told listeners he planned to build his own city called “Independence, U.S.A.”

The community will be modeled on small government, free market ideals. Beck added that the city’s exact location hasn’t been chosen yet.

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