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She's not King David


I commend you for another excellent column, this one having to do with Secretary Clinton’s “what difference does it make” non-testimony.

This suggests some similarities to an event older than Benghazi. I’m sure you are quite familiar with it. A king had done something wrong, and he preferred to keep it a secret. In order to do that, it would help greatly if a certain soldier fell in battle. Brave soldiers died in battles all the time, only this time, he made it more certain by ordering him to the point of the enemy’s greatest strength and instructing the rest of the commanders to abandon him. It worked. Uriah the Hittite died. Problem solved. But to Nathan, the king’s prophet, this should not have happened; and the truth of the matter still made a difference. So he pressed the issue.

I do not go so far with this parallel as to accuse the State Department or any other part of the administration of murder, but I do wish the Honorable Secretary Clinton had as much courage and honor as King David in how he responded to Nathan.

Bryan Ross