Where are the righteous Christian men is this country?

Edmond Burke stated, “All that’s necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Well, evil is alive and thriving in this country for this exact reason.

There seem to be only a handful of good men who are actually standing up to government tyranny, while the rest of you seem content to bury your heads in the sand while our freedoms and liberties are being taken away at an alarming speed. Men, do you know why we’ve had 55 million babies tortured and murdered through abortion in this country? Because you’ve allowed it to happen with your silence. Why is this? are you frightened of a feminist screaming in your face? Hasn’t God charged you with protecting the innocent?

The government is poised to take your guns away, and most of you seem too frightened or unconcerned to do anything about it! Women are being sent to the front lines to fight male armies – doesn’t this bother you? Our Constitution is being trampled on every day by this administration, but hey, the Super Bowl is coming up so let’s talk about it later!

Wake up! Take charge of your relationship with God. Allow him to guide you to do the right thing to save this country before it’s too late! Women and children in this country need you to step up, take charge, protect the innocent, toughen up, become the strong righteous men God demands of you. You can’t do it alone – unify, band together; you have strength in numbers. Do the right thing before it’s too late.

We are relying on you.

Sally Dalton

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