(FORBES) — Washington, quietly, is re-orientating. To be sure it still is sorting out what caused the financial crisis, the Great Recession, and the disorders that have ensued (from the application of bad medicine like bailouts and stimulus). But there’s just occurred a dramatic changing of the guard in the GOP and in the leadership of its intelligentsia.

The Republican Party appears ready to put behind it the snakebit political era of the 2012 presidential cycle and the 111th and 112th Congress’s fixation on fruitless answers to problems besetting job creation and deficit reduction. Approaches attempted in the past four years by well-intended Supercommittees, Gangs of Six, Hyphenated Commissions, the presidentially ambitious, and partisan bloggers are, obviously, except to the most stubbornly dogmatic politicos (such as President Obama), thoroughly discredited.

To paraphrase The Angels: “Hey la, hey la, Supply Side’s back.”

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