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Tarantino in furious rant over Django Unchained

(London Telegraph) Quentin Tarantino, the Hollywood director, launched into a furious rant at Channel Four News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy after refusing to answer questions about violence in his latest film Django Unchained.

During the furious “tantrumtino”, the Pulp Fiction director, who was in Britain for the premiere of his new violent spaghetti revenge drama last night, claimed he was not the news presenter’s “slave”, “master” or “monkey”.

He threatened the stunned presenter, who remained calm during the entire eight and half minute interview, that he was “shutting your butt down” after he refused to stop asking “tough” questions on the topic. His battle with the presenter appears roughly four minutes into the clip.

He admitted that he would only answer questions from the journalist, who confessed to being a fan of the director’s work, to “sell” his Western film because “this is a commercial for the movie – make no mistake”.