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The controllers

How did our nation come to this? No one seems to go to the root of the reason. Both of our political parties have been corrupted by the one-world-government agenda – not everyone in those parties but the majority who control the parties.

No one ever asks, “Who are the corruptors”? The U.N. openly admits it is a one-world governance, and the treaties we sign with them erodes our sovereignty. The North American Union would make one nation of U.S. Canada, Mexico the Caribbean islands and Central America. Our sovereignty no longer exists with either of these schemes. But no matter which party is in office, our nation continually loses to them, slowly but steadily.

Who are the driving forces behind this treachery? They are never mentioned in the news. The Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and a few others have taken over our political parties and therefore our government, including the judiciary, executive, legislature, FBI, CIA and the military.

Because the truth has been hidden from the American people, we have little chance restoring our nation politically. If we are to survive, a civil war is imminent.

Robert Kepka