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The day I sold my guns

The day I sold my guns, it was snowing. It was a gray, cold, miserable day, appropriate for capitulation in the face of tyranny. That’s what I did. I gave up. I cashed in. With a belly full of hatred for the Democratic politicians who, day after day, chip away at the Constitution and our civil rights, I decided to give them, not what they wanted, but what I could stomach. So I sold all my guns, pocketed the money and went home unarmed on my own terms.

It is a perversity that when a man or woman breaks multiple firearms laws in order to commit a senseless mass murder, driven by mental illness or some other unfathomable and unpredictable motive, Democrats race for their desks to pen more violations of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Acknowledging – even as they breathlessly announced their wish lists of regulations and confiscations, bans and limits, redefinitions and red tape – that their laws would do nothing to stop criminals, they trot these laws out anyway. Emboldened by Obama’s re-election and feeling far removed from any danger of being voted out of office, Democrats are now rubbing their palms with obvious relish at the thought of taking away your guns.

In my home state of New York, where the Republicans have lost a proper majority at the state level, there is nothing to stop Gov. Andrew Cuomo from ramming his gun bans down our throats. Over the holidays he spoke candidly, admitting that, yes, confiscation “is an option.” The Democrats in New York are talking about effectively banning all modern firearms, confiscating (with no grandfathering provisions) any weapons they decide are “assault” weapons, registering all firearms (to facilitate later confiscation) and limiting magazine capacity to less than 10 rounds.

The result is that a few hunting weapons and a few antiquated firearms designs will remain nominally legal, while most of the weapons currently in private hands in the state will be outlawed. Their owners will, with the stroke of a pen, become criminals. What is worse, many of those owners will be faced with a stark choice: Comply or die.

Unless you’ve never purchased a rifle new from a store, unless you’ve never held a New York State pistol permit, there exists a record in this state telling the government that you own guns. In the case of your handguns, your government knows precisely what you own by make, model and serial number. There is no hiding what you have. There is no quiet noncompliance, no silent refusal to turn in such weapons. If you refuse, the state will know. If they know, they will send officials to your door to take them. That is what confiscation is. When that happens, you can either give them up, or you can resist. If you resist, you will die. You will be outmanned and outgunned by the tyrannical state, now and always, because your fellow citizens are cowards.

Cowards like me.

You see, in New York, it breaks down like this. If you want to purchase a new shotgun or rifle, as in any state, you fill out a federal form and a background check is run instantly. You may buy used long guns like this without the background check, buying and selling directly to individuals (as long as those individuals are not legally forbidden to own firearms, as is the case with convicted felons). If you wish to buy a handgun, however, you must first obtain a New York State handgun permit (not easy to get in some counties) and register each and every gun by serial number. If you sell a handgun, you must file paperwork to remove that handgun from your records. You may not possess any handgun that is not registered specifically to you. By the letter of the law, you may not even touch one that is not yours.

New York City is already terra icognita, a city-state separate and distinct from Upstate New York. It is ruled by the iron hand and the instantly legislated whim of Warlord Michael Bloomberg. You may wonder why residents of New York City tolerate Bloomberg micromanaging their lives, telling them how may firearms they may own, what fats they may consume, and how large their sodas may be. Well, the reason people like Bloomberg are elected and re-elected is because liberals are sheep. They are dolts who enjoy being enslaved by an all-powerful state.

New York’s state laws will soon become even more onerous than New York City’s firearms restrictions (where, for example, they really do tell you how many guns you may own even if you have a permit). Here and nationally, there is nothing to stop the Democrats now. They don’t care who knows it, either. Biden proclaimed this week that Obama could restrict guns through executive orders. He was saying, essentially, “Damn the Constitution, full speed ahead!” He knows there will be no voter backlash for these infringements on your right to self-defense. He knows Democrats will continue to be re-elected regardless of what they do – because Obama, after four disastrous, autocratic years, easily retook his throne.

I sold all my guns because I refuse to die for those liberals. I refuse to give them what they want: the easily manipulated specter of law-abiding gun owners turned into criminals. They want to make you a criminal so they can justify your murder. They want to push you into a corner so you’ll go out shooting. They want to condemn you both before and after you die. You’re a gun owner, after all. Your name and address belongs on a registry, like a child molester. That’s how they think. That’s what they want.

The day I sold my guns, I made a choice. That choice is coming to you as well. The day I sold my guns, I chose to be less prepared. I chose to be more helpless. I chose to become a subject, not a citizen.

Don’t make the choice I did unless you are prepared to admit the same.