I hope someone can contact Mr. Kaul or give me the information on how to email him, and inform him that he is exactly the sick-minded type of individual who perpetrates the kind of heinous acts he claims to want to cure [“We’ll ‘pry guns from cold, dead fingers'”]. He is a thoroughly dangerous person who needs to be imprisoned or institutionalized and treated until he no longer advocates violence.

It’s hard to believe that someone like him can be allowed to roam freely, taking every opportunity he can to kill innocent, law-abiding firearms owners. Here in America we believe everyone has a right to speak his mind, but advocating killing people and committing violent acts falls outside of the window of protected freedom of expression. Anyone who advocates violence or death for anyone who doesn’t share their views is obviously someone who is in desperate need mental-health care.

By following Mr. Kaul’s flawed way of thinking, we would need to immediately ban all motor vehicles because they cause more deaths each year than firearms. Also near the top of the ban list we should see aircraft, because it is a rare occasion when a plane crash kills fewer than 100.

Firearms just happen to be easy to transport and use, but make no mistake, if there weren’t any guns on the entire planet, these sick, twisted minds would still be able to kill large numbers of people by using homemade bombs, which can be fashioned out of items commonly found in cabinets, under kitchen and bathroom sinks all around the world. A bomb can easily be created from an empty 2-liter plastic pop bottle, some water and some dry ice. There are literally hundreds of common household chemicals that can be used separately or together to make poisons and/or explosive devices.

We need to start with vocal advocates of violence and death like Mr. Kaul and put them where they can’t harm anyone, and get them help to correct their way of thinking. Then follow that up with the people with the kind of flawed thought processes that create movies and games and computer programs that glorify violence and death. If we can save those people from their faulty and/or flawed thought processes, we just might be able to make going out into public places safe again.

Ray Roberts

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