First, let me say that I am a retiree from the Air Force with 35 years on active duty and in the Reserves. When I joined the Air Force in 1955, I was sent to Lackland Air Force Base for basic training and then to tech school to become an aircraft mechanic.

The first thing I had to do after becoming a recruit was fill out a security form for a security clearance. All well and done! I was given a secret clearance to be able to work around aircraft carrying nuclear ordnance. I passed requirements and was issued a secret security clearance. About four years, later I applied for missile training and attended a school as a guidance technician for the Titan II, which was located in Tucson. This clearance was issued. I departed the active service afterward and finished my Air Force career in the Reserves at Charleston Air Force Base in South Carolina.

The reason I’m going through the particulars of this career is to ask the following question: How can we, as Americans, elect a person with such a questionable background to the highest position in the nation when we don’t know anything about his birth, who he associated with or any other part of his family or work history?!

Now, we Americans – and I say that loosely – have elected this character again!

Where are our BRAINS?

Davis Stevens

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