It should be clear by assessing Colin Flaherty’s incessant need to report on the failures of a few members of the very large American black community that there is something personal going on with him [“Deck the halls, and your fellow shopper, too”]. If he needs a change of venue, one can see the same things amongst the poor white and Latino communities as well.

Gentrification, generational poverty and education. These are well researched correlations that point more clearly to the causal root of the wickedness of men fallen from the grace of God and possibly operant conditioning within a community (something you, myself and, possibly, Flaherty know, but which Flaherty does not get across to the unsaved or more uneducated reader). Those factors are certainly more verifiable than the color of skin.

There is a decided lack of grace mercy, and humility on the part of Mr. Flaherty toward the black community. It only serves to feed the sinful desires of hatred many of your readers obviously share, judging by a cursory reading of their comments on his pages.

Is Flaherty calling for race-war, inciting violence? I think so. WND should think about the integrity of this news site in light of the manipulative style Flaherty quotes and closes his last piece.

In the last clause before he closes with that quote, Flaherty does the thinking for the reader indirectly, underhandedly daring them to “say differently”; in spite of the speaker, “to use this case as an opportunity to call for overt or covert race war” – simply by virtue of the fact that someone with a different perception of events rebukes those who would point to color as causal.

This author writes well enough that one can tell he is able to think rationally. So either he is manipulating readers to bash blacks, or he is as frightened of them as he wants the reader to be. Either way, I don’t see how this piece fits in your line-up at all.

Jerod Hatch

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