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10 crazy right-wing reactions to Boy Scout flap

(AlterNet) — The Boy Scouts of America sure like their policy of excluding gays and lesbians from scouting. They liked it enough to defend it all the way up to the Supreme Court. But this is 2013, and a majority of Americans now support marriage equality — and nine in 10 oppose job discrimination on the basis of sexual preference.

The Boy Scouts of America sure hate losing donors left and right over their 1950s view of human sexuality. They hate it enough to finally overturn the ban.­

Scouting, of course, is as Real-American as apple pie. So, given that a photograph of the president shooting skeet is enough to elicit baboon-like howls from the hard-right, you can only imagine the reaction many of the brethren had to this vicious assault on… well, it’s not entirely clear what these folk think is under attack. Is it religious liberty? Let’s say it’s religious liberty!