Greetings, Chelsea Schilling. I just wanted to thank you for being honest and taking a stand for what is right [“Want a man? Stop being a b-tch”]. The only thing I would’ve changed was the title, but of course I can understand the brevity given the abusive and lackluster language of the audience you’re targeting. Nonetheless, you are a light in a dark world and definitely worthy of honor.

The truth should be known and these self-destructive philosophies exposed. I wrote something concerning the issues of “diversity” due to Linda Hudson of BAE Systems and her agenda, which has almost closed down the North American part of the business. One action that defined her belief: Putting women in charge of things like mechanical engineering when the aptitude is ignored but the degree and gender is all that matters. BAE Systems collapse is a result of feminism, not sequestration.

Again, thanks for taking a stand and hopefully saving some from a life of bitterness and/or emptiness. I commend you for your efforts and going “against the tide.”

Gary W. Douglas

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