Rush Limbaugh

In response to Karl Rove’s controversial plan to revitalize the GOP by purging the tea party, Rush Limbaugh called on “establishment” Republicans to stop issuing this sort of “advice” from on high (FREE audio).

“It seems like every day a new Republican goes to the microphones to offer an opinion about what they need to do in order to reverse their fortunes,” Limbaugh said. “I think it’s time they stopped telling everybody what they need to do and just do it. At some point, when you have a marketing plan, you execute it. But you never tell people what the marketing plan is, because then you give people a chance to resist it. You don’t. You execute the plan.”

On a lighter note: Limbaugh was amused to learn that he’s been listed on the Huffington Post’s list of “The Worst People of 2013” – and it’s only February.

He’s only upset because he is ranked No. 10 (FREE audio).

“There’s a chance, if I play my cards right, that by the end of the year I could be in the top five,” Limbaugh said. “You never know.”

Michael Savage

Dr. Savage’s new novel, “A Time for War,” may be a work of fiction, but it highlights a very real danger to American security: Communist China.

The second installment in Savage’s series of “Jack Hatfield” thrillers, “A Time for War” sees the hero trying to avert a terrorist attack that would dwarf 9/11.

Savage told WND that he hopes the political adventure novel will “awaken people to the potential of such an event” as well as entertain them.

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Talk Stream Live just released its list of the “Top 100 Talk Shows of 2012,” and one of the surprises was Michael Savage’s No. 2 ranking – considering he was off the air for some time last year after leaving his longtime syndication company.

Despite that brief absence, Savage’s numbers remained strong enough for him to retain his spot on the list, second only Rush Limbaugh. Since returning to the airwaves, Savage’s nightly show is heard on more stations than ever.

Mark Levin

To say that Mark Levin is unimpressed with Karl Rove’s latest project would be an understatement. Levin kicked off the broadcasting week by issuing a clarion call to his listeners (FREE audio): “Who the hell died and made Karl Rove queen for the day? And his sidekick, Steven Law, with their disastrous records?

“I want to invite as many people as possible to join the voices and forces of liberty; that’s what we are, that’s what we believe in,” Levin continued. “Not the forces of defeat in the Republican Party. Not the forces of big government and back room deals and crony capitalism; illustrative of Karl Rove and Steven Law and the whole cabal that is the Republican establishment.

“These people need a hard, swift kick in the a– off the public stage,” Levin concluded.

Aaron Klein

Aaron Klein continues to gain listeners, now ranking No. 30 on the Talk Stream Live ranking of talk radio shows, beating out Mike Huckabee and other conservative hosts. Klein is also No. 1 in its New York City time slot.

“I think my ratings, both online and terrestrially, demonstrate the craving for independence in talk radio as opposed to partisan talking points,” Klein told WND. “The show is unique in that it combines investigative journalism with the concept of talk radio, essentially creating a new genre that no one else is doing.”

This week, Klein told his audience what to expect from Obama in terms of amnesty for illegals and other immigration reforms. He continued to make the case against Chuck Hagel’s nomination for secretary of Defense, based on additional information about Hagel’s troubling background. Klein addressed concerns that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the United States, in particular the U.S. military. Finally, comedy legend Jackie Mason offered some welcome comic relief (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Pat Buchanan told Ingraham that moderating its message won’t help the Republican Party (FREE audio).

“Romney lost,” he reminded Laura and her audience. “McCain was a media darling and still lost. Moderate Republicans have done very little to change the political climate in more liberal states like New York or California either.”

Laura confronted the president of Karl Rove’s latest venture, American Crossroads, asking Steve Law point blank whether or not the organization is designed to marginalize the tea party.

Law insisted, “We invested well north of $30 million in backing very conservative candidates. Some were successful … some were disasters. Our goal is to institutionalize the Buckley rule to find and support the most conservative candidates” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Beck and his crew had some fun at Kim Kardashian’s expense this week, after the reality TV celebrity posted a photo of a diamond studded gun on her website – not long after calling on her fans to support gun control.

In response, Beck called on his listeners to tweet photos of their favorite guns, using the hashtag #SweetKimGunPic.

Beck’s show is also raising money for the family of slain “American Sniper” Chris Kyle. However, one journalist is asking how much of that money will actually reach Kyle’s relatives.

Bud Kennedy of the Fort Worth Star Telegram reported that “only a portion will actually go to Kyle’s family.” However, with so many donations flooding in, Beck’s people diverted some of the cash to other organizations that help veterans with PTSD, which hardly sounds like a sinister “conspiracy” on Beck’s part.

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