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Bad Photoshop job on Obama gun photo

I guess the White House figures if it can get people to believe in an obviously fake birth certificate, a poorly Photoshopped photo of Obama pretending to shoot a shotgun won’t arouse any suspicion either, even though it insists that the picture not be further altered.

And from the reaction in the mainstream press, the Obamanaughts were right again. I suppose they thought that after 30 years of feminization in school, there wouldn’t be enough men still shooting to spot this fake.

Am I the only man jack on planet Earth to notice what is wrong with this picture?

1) He is not on a skeet range.
2) He is not aiming UP at a clay pigeon
3) The gun is producing no recoil
4) Modern smokeless powder produces no smoke.
5) This double barreled shotgun only has one choke installed, indicating that it wasn’t used regularly.
6) The smoke is only exiting from the right side ports. It should be seen leaving the ports on the right AND left side of the upper barrel. This pretty much proves that the smoke was just Photoshopped in. In reality, no smoke is created by modern smokeless power, which has been in general use since 1900.

Can’t these guys do anything right?

Wake up America, for God’s sake.

Jonathan Morse