(DAILYMAIL) — The Bulgarian drug-addict who beheaded a British grandmother in a busy supermarket in Tenerife today claimed voices in his head told him to do it, declaring to a packed courtroom: ‘I am an angel of Jesus Christ.’

Deyan Deyanov is accused of stabbing and decapitating 60-year-old Jennifer Mills-Westley with a nine-inch ham-slicing knife in front of horrified shoppers in the town of Los Cristianos on May 13 2011.

The blood-soaked 29-year-old was then tackled by security guards as he ran out of the supermarket brandishing the mother-of-two’s severed head and shouting wildly.

But appearing in court for the first time today, the drug addict – who was high on crack cocaine and LSD when he was arrested – claimed he had no recollection of ever even living in Tenerife, let alone murdering Ms Mills-Westley.

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