There are bookies in London who will take your bets on who will be the next pope. As long as they’re such sports, will they make book on this: Is there anything President Obama can do or say that will pierce his magic shield and turn American mass media reverence into rage?

Obama is the most incredible player American politics has ever met. He insults Israel, and gets almost 80 percent of the Jewish vote twice! He insults the U.K., returning a bust of Churchill to the British Embassy, and pays not one political penny in penalty. Solyndra wastes billions in taxpayer dollars plus the drowning of green dreams in wide-awake red ink, and like screen slapstick, the more pies he takes squarely in the face the more they like him.

Remember the fury aimed at late columnist Bill Safire when he called Hillary Clinton a “congenital liar”? How would deeply missed Mr. Safire describe a president who stands up and tells young people his is absolutely the most transparent administration in history at the very moment Sen. Lindsay Graham succeeds in belaying Chuck Hagel’s defense secretary nomination until the president tells us where he was last Sept. 11, the night of the Benghazi horror? Obama won’t tell us. The FBI refuses to let Congress or the media interview or even learn the whereabouts of the Benghazi survivors. And media life goes on, congressional life goes on, American life goes on unperturbed by this confluence of outrages that would sink any normal president.

It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t even slow down. Bill Ayers, not merely self-confessed, but self-proclaimed leader of the terrorist Weather Underground, walks, works and politics as a free man thanks to one of those great American legal “technicalities.” Aware that such an unpatriotic and sordid association might lose him votes, Obama barely admitted knowing Ayers when he first ran in 2008. He called Ayers “just a guy in the neighborhood.” We now know Obama’s political career was launched in Bill Ayers’ living room, and Ayers and Obama’s political activities were intertwined like long-lost lizards. Chicago community life goes on. American life goes on. And two words go on to sum up this gargantuan living lie – “ho” and “hum.”

Media consensus prior to the last election held that foreign policy was Obama’s “strong suit.” Really? Stick a gun to my head and warn me I’ve got 15 seconds to name an Obama foreign policy success; the best I could come up with is, “He kept us out of Sri Lanka.” Remember the “reset” with Russia? Last week Russian nuclear-armed bombers were buzzing Guam (American territory, in case you attended public school)!

Obama declared war on coal. Did any ship’s captain ever declare war on life preservers? Coal – given today’s economy, environment, the whole mix – is a combustible we should fall to our knees and be thankful for. The late Adolf Hitler, without a single oil well in hand, “gasified” coal to fuel his vast war machine. And that was with the technology of the 1930s! Anti-coal greenies insist they’re going to have the last laugh. They’ve yet to score their first chuckle.

The lies, broken promises and failures of President Barack Obama make ancient presidential sins, like too many too expensive vacations, almost not worth mentioning. Those still shocked by the multi-million dollar Hawaiian idylls etc. need to get their shockers adjusted. You’re getting shocked by the wrong things.

Preschool education was one of the greatest joys of my life as a parent. At home! Please explain what Obama means by “universal preschool” at the age of 4. In a well-run American family, such “separation” of child from parents at that age is child abuse.

Yet, through it all, it looks as if the only one losing patience with Obama is Michelle. We’ll leave the “separate vacation” rumors to the gossip-ologists. Could Michelle possibly have her own wonderments about where Obama was the night of Sept. 11?

And, on our way out, yes, let’s mention the almost $17 trillion debt! We may not cure poverty, but under Obama’s leadership we’ll sure-as-hell cure wealth!

Meanwhile, the media live, like bacteria, neatly folded into Obama’s back pocket. There is no Obama failure they will not ignore, no excess they will not applaud. This is like a rabbi concealing his ownership in a pig ranch. It’s not supposed to work this way.

You could feed a hundred hungry horses on the accumulation of what a normal American in a normal America would consider the “last straw.” So, will Obama ever feel public wrath for anything mentioned here, or not mentioned here?

Thomas Jefferson, who may well one day edge out even George Washington as our major national hero, believed so deeply in media correcting leaders gone awry, like Obama, that he once said, “If I had to choose between a government with no newspapers (that was media at the time!) or newspapers with no government, I should surely choose the latter.”

Thank you, Tom. Media is supposed to rectify, not ratify, our Obamas.

Those icy particles falling everywhere now are not snowflakes.

They’re Thomas Jefferson’s tears.

Finally – the truth about our third president and the rumors that have swirled about his beliefs and practices: “The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson.”

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