It is no surprise to at least half of Americans that walking gaffe machine Joe Biden recently said something stupid. What is remarkable about Biden’s latest stupidity is that it transcends his earlier insults. Yes, Biden is a racist. Yes, Biden is vulgar and has no sense of respect, of patriotism or of propriety. Yes, Biden once told a man confined to a wheelchair to stand up. These idiocies, while offensive, are relatively harmless. The fact that Biden is generally regarded as a buffoon, coupled with the fact that he is a Democrat, insulates him from any real public scorn for his many awkward failures.

It is in his most recent stupidity that Biden has truly outdone himself. In public remarks dismissing the “need” for “assault weapons,” Biden managed not only to get wrong nearly every aspect of the firearms on which he was commenting, but to do so with breathtaking legal consequences. His “buy a shotgun” bluster wasn’t simply dumb; it was also dangerous. To summarize, he argued that double-barreled shotguns are easier to use than modern sporting rifles like the AR15 (they aren’t). He also managed to recommend, quite casually, that if you hear a bump in the night, you should simply walk outside and fire a couple of shotgun blasts into the night.

Congratulations: You’re now standing outside your home with an empty gun that is slow to maneuver and slow to reload. If you hit whatever it was you weren’t aiming at, chances are you murdered an innocent person or otherwise endangered bystanders or your neighbors. You’ve managed to violate almost all of the cardinal rules of firearms safety … and all because a grinning idiot (who, let us not forget, is responsible for some of the worst legislation foisted on the American public, such as VAWA and, at least in part, the previous federal “assault weapons” ban) told you this was preferable to actually using tools well-suited to self-defense.

There are two reasons Biden gave his advice. The first and most obvious is that Obama’s operatives hope to blunt public objection to the Democrats’ war on your Second Amendment Rights. If enough people can be persuaded that, yes, certain firearms are banned, but no, they don’t need those firearms to protect themselves, then the libs can go on blithely excising quivering, bloody hunks of the Bill of Rights. You don’t need, say Democrats, an AR15, which is easy to load, easy to fire, extremely accurate, quite light and has the firepower to defend you and your family from a home invasion, a mob, or your own tyrannical government. You can get by, say libs, with the same antiquated piece of technology Obama used as a prop when he lied about his skeet-shooting hobby.

There is, however, a more fundamental issue at work whenever a Democrat presumes to opine on weapons or, at the national level, military and foreign policy and strategy. That is that libs do not understand self-defense.

The ignorance of liberals where self-preservation and protection are concerned does not extend merely to the technology of self-defense. Yes, there is no more pathetic Democrat that one who presumes to tell you he is “licensed” or “qualified” or “experienced” with guns. There is no sadder spectacle than the occasional firearms “experts” trotted out by libs when gun control is debated. Such people invariably betray their ignorance of firearms by, well, by opening their mouths. This brings to mind the old joke: How can tell you a Democrat is lying? His lips are moving.

Beyond the technology, though, Democrats, leftists and liberals of every stripe hold a fundamentally self-destructive worldview. That is why liberals would rather a woman urinate or vomit on herself, or blow into a useless “rape whistle,” than actually use a firearm to shoot and perhaps kill a man trying to assault her. Deep down, liberals are not comfortable with the idea of preventing that violent assault at all. They are much more comfortable with victims (which is why they elevate and celebrate victimhood, attaching nobility to poverty and failure). What can we call the Democratic Party platform if not self-destructive at both the individual and national levels?

Democrats want to open the borders, swamping America in a tide of illegal aliens we cannot support financially and who commit violent crimes on our soil. Democrats want to tax and regulate the economy into depression while actively working against and vilifying business owners. Democrats want to isolate the United States abroad and have (most recently, under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) alienated almost every one of its foreign allies.

How else do we explain the appointment of RINO Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense? This is a man who hates Israel and refuses to see “jihad” as a threat. How else do we explain the appointment of John Kerry as secretary of state? This is a man who lied about American troops in Vietnam, painting them, without evidence, as villains who commit atrocities. Kerry stood on foreign soil Tuesday and called Americans and American freedom “stupid.” That’s all you need to know about his attitudes toward this nation and its Constitution, and it surely sets the tone for what will be an even more disastrous period in American foreign policy.

Obama’s insistence on appointing communists and America-haters to positions of power within his administration is a symptom of the libs’ overriding desire to destroy themselves and us with them. Their policies invariably harm the country and its people. Their notions of the America they wish to build – a nation Obama wishes to “fundamentally change” – describe a United States diminished abroad, oppressed at home and humbled by economic malaise. We should then not be shocked when on every issue, especially issues of self-defense, Democrats cannot and will not understand the basic facts of reality.

How can you tell a lib is wrong about firearms? A lib is talking about firearms.

Sorry. That joke isn’t funny at all.

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