I find it a conundrum that America goes out of its way one month a year to recognize a race-based achievement that qualifies as historic, when the persons (read majority of blacks) demanding special recognition for said historical achievement are happiest wallowing in despair and the rejection of modernity.

I ask the question: At what point will blacks be deemed as having stepped into the present that all other Americans occupy?

Because if we are to believe Obama, the black race-mongers and the white apologists – blacks still haven’t arrived. The late Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, in the infiniteness of her deplorable ignorance, prognosticated that it would be another 25 years before blacks were capable of entering law schools without race-based affirmative action.

What I do not understand is if blacks have it so bad and have been left so far out of the mainstream of modernity, how is it that we have black billionaires? How is it that we have blacks that own major television networks and radio stations in the major media markets – and I’m not speaking about the family members of Jesse Jackson who benefited from his extortion tactics.

There is not one area of sports, employment and/or politics in America today in which blacks are not represented. They are among the highest paid in every category. Yet, despite this glaring reality, we are supposed to believe that blacks do not have the same opportunity whites have. We are supposed to believe that blacks are disaffected and underrepresented in business, education, industry, ad nauseum.

It is not white America’s fault that blacks are disproportionately incarcerated, unemployed, or impoverished. It is a truism that if a person breaks the law, he can expect to be incarcerated depending on the nature of the crime and their frequency of arrests.

In today’s economy, unemployed blacks should thank their homeboy president, because his policies have contributed massively to the high unemployment rate. That said, it should also be understood that an absence of marketable employment skills is not the fault of whites, either.

The myth that blacks have it so bad is just that pursuant to the realities of life. Americans of every skin color and ethnicity are unemployed, homeless and subsidized by the government in some manner. The difference is that blacks are led to believe that government subsistence is tantamount to a life benefit, i.e., they deserve it because … fill in the blank.

In the aftermath of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow, the white political establishment was eager to show their desire to recompense blacks for past ills and grievances. The problem is that in their eagerness to prove same they’ve succeeded in fueling the malevolent propensity held by many blacks to punish, get even and prey on white guilt. And it has worked. The tragedy is that it has worked to the disadvantage of many blacks. It is an alchemy of lies and white guilt that has fomented the cries of racial disaffection today.

Why should America be bathed in guilt because certain blacks make conscious decisions to live in and participate in anti-societal behavior? Why should people who achieve based on meritocracy be sent to the back of the class in order to advance blacks and women who are unqualified based on grades and requisite skills?

It is the easiest of excuses to blame the realities of life on the color of skin. And it guarantees certain political groups a plantation of votes and useful idiots when that mindset is calculated into political dogma.

But to my original point – considering that there is not one area of the American landscape today not represented by blacks, when will we be able to put an end to the racial caterwauling and screeds that blacks are being left behind and treated unfairly?

The simple answer to my question is that the racial caterwauling will cease when it is no longer beneficial to those who make gain of same.

Blacks who wallow in despair and reject modernity should be ashamed of themselves. Opportunity in America abounds for all despite the best efforts of Obama to convince those so inclined otherwise. But it should be noted that said opportunity doesn’t come in the mail with food stamps and a welfare check. It comes from preparation, hard work, pursuing a dream and/or wanting more from life than government housing and blaming others for what you do not have.

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