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Blame John Kerry for gas prices

Human Events reporter Audrey Hudson reports the following outrageous news:

“The State Department has been reviewing an application from TransCanada for four years (emphasis added) to build the 1,700-mile pipeline from Alberta, Canada, across the U.S. border into Texas. …

“Environmental groups oppose the pipeline, citing climate change concerns, and have staged numerous protests in front of the White House, while unions support construction because it is expected to create thousands of jobs.”

On Jan. 23, 53 U.S. senators, including five Democrats, sent President Obama a letter stating:

“We ask you not to move the goalposts as opponents of this project have pressed you to do. We urge you to choose jobs, economic development and American energy security.”

This really pressing energy issue came up at the confirmation hearings of the new secretary of state, John Kerry. And despite the incredible four years of delay, Kerry told the committee:

“There is a statutory process with regards to the review and that is currently ongoing. It will not be long before that comes across my desk, and I will make the appropriate judgments about it.”

Whenever a U.S. senator appears before a U.S. Senate committee for confirmation to a government post, almost invariably the senator is confirmed, as was Kerry, despite this evasion of a major question.

Hudson also reported:

“The Republican-controlled House last session passed numerous bills in an attempt to force Obama to expedite the process and approve the pipeline, but the legislation was ignored by the Democratic-controlled Senate.

“The Obama administration last year objected to the pipeline’s route through Nebraska, forcing Gov. Dave Heineman to reroute construction, a process that was completed last month. Heineman also told Obama his state was prepared to adhere to 57 safety conditions to prevent an oil leak and to address other concerns.

“‘Specifically, the new pipeline route in Nebraska avoids the Sand Hills, which you cited as a concern in your denial,’ the senators said in their letter to Obama.

“‘The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality determined the pipeline would have minimal environmental impact and would generate significant economic benefits in the state of Nebraska,’ the senators said. ‘This is on top of the thousands of good-paying union jobs and millions of dollars in economic development for our country as a whole, none of which cost any taxpayer money.’

“‘The pipeline is also a major step toward American energy security. Canada plans to develop this oil resource and the only question is whether we receive the oil from our friend and ally or whether Canada is forced to look for new partners in Asia because we turned them away,’ the senators said.

“A permit from the federal government is required before the $5.3 billion pipeline can cross the national border and transport an estimated 830,000 barrels of oil a day.”

Think about that!

Eight-hundred thirty thousand barrels of oil a day are presently being held back because, after four years, the State Department is still holding it up.

So is Secretary of State John Kerry.

Think of him and his Department of State the next time you visit a gas station.