Why is government stockpiling guns, ammo?

Joseph, please keep hammering away at this [“Why is government stockpiling guns, ammo?”]. I am shocked by how many of my friends have no clue about this. We have to get the press to ask questions and demand answers and not let it be swept under the rug. It is by far the most serious part of BO’s plan.

Everything this president does is designed to weaken our country economically, militarily and morally. BO has started his campaign to disarm law-abiding Americans while nothing substantial is being done to reign in the gang violence in the inner cities. Could BO be thinking the ghetto gangs could be useful to him someday? The military is going to shrink while his CNSF is growing and getting more powerful. Those hollow-point bullets are meant to kill people, and it is not a couple of Muslim extremists who sneaked across the Mexican border.

Communists in Cambodia killed one-third of their own people. Communists in the USSR killed tens of millions of their own people, as did the Communist Chinese. The North Koreans are killing their own people, as did Hitler’s Socialists in Germany.

What might be planned is unthinkable, so please keep hammering and getting the word out.


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