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Can Republiphiles accept a liberty candidate?

With far-left crazies calling for an Obama dictatorship, it doesn’t take much of an imagination to picture the presidential pretender declaring a state of emergency and “postponing” the 2016 election. Nevertheless, I still believe there’s a 50-50 chance that won’t happen.

But even if the 2016 election is not quashed, I believe the odds of Der Fuhrbama’s running for a third term are probably in the area of 80 percent. What’s that you say? The 22nd Amendment limits a president to two terms? Oh, yeah, I forgot. After all, BHO would never dream of violating the Constitution, right?

Still, I’m a guy who likes to focus on the positive aspect in every situation. So I’m obliged to point out that even if Obama runs for a third term, it’s possible – not likely, but possible – that Republicans, or a viable third party, will run an outspoken libertarian-centered conservative candidate against him.

And if that were to happen, I believe Obama might actually lose – provided the opposing candidate were bold. The single most important factor in winning the 2016 presidential election would be a candidate’s willingness to expose Obama’s lies, deceit and criminal behavior– not timidly, but aggressively. In other words, adopt the “isolate the target and hammer him relentlessly” strategy that the Dirty Dems use so effectively.

It goes without saying that most tax consumers would still vote for BHO, but an aggressive candidate who was willing to defend freedom and free markets on moral grounds would surely bring out millions of voters who have been no-shows because they were so turned off over the years by the Bushes, Doles, McCains and Romneys .

So, where is the GOP in its quest to find this dream candidate? Clearly, Marco Rubio is being carefully groomed by the Republiphiles as the front runner, and it appears that he is increasingly falling in line with the establishment’s wishes.

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But what about the other prospects? Chris Christie, of course, flamed out when he drooled over His Royal Highness as though he were getting ready to pounce on a Big Mac and fries. Other RINOs, such as Bob McDonnell, John Thune and, worst of all, Jeb Bush are notorious statists who would once again assure defeat for the Republiphiles if they ran at the top of the ticket.

Sleepers include Scott Walker, Susana Martinez and Tim Scott. Paul Ryan is also a possibility, but he somewhat tainted his credentials by hooking up with Android Mitt. Bobby Jindal is a prime candidate for either the No. 1 or 2 spot, though the governor comes up a bit short on the libertarian side of things. Even so, he possesses a quality that is sorely lacking in most Republiphiles: Passion! And because of his Indian heritage, he’s very much in vogue in 21st century America.

But as I now see it, the two liberty giants in the field are Rand Paul and Jim DeMint. Both are serious when it comes to reducing the size and scope of government, lowering taxes, eliminating regulations and removing government’s stranglehold on individual freedom.

The problem is that Republiphiles will pull out all stops to prevent Paul or DeMint from winning the nomination. And, as we saw in the 2012 primaries, Republiphiles are capable of playing almost as dirty as the fascist liberals in the Democratic Party. After all, Paul or DeMint would work to fundamentally transform the United States of America from a socialist state into a solvent nation where individual freedom would begin to re-emerge.

But hold on. A new name has recently appeared on the political scene – Dr. Benjamin Carson, a world-renowned neurosurgeon and director of the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins. Since delivering his stunning keynote address at the 61st Annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, Carson has become the rage among desperate conservatives and libertarians.

With Barack Obama in attendance – and sitting just a few feet from him on the dais – Carson spoke of America’s “moral decay and fiscal irresponsibility.” And he expressed libertarian-centered conservative views on the U.S. tax system and health care that are 180 degrees removed from Obama’s.

When Carson said that everyone (including low-income people) should have some skin in the game, I wasn’t sure if Obama was going to cry or wet his pants. Carson’s speech was like a political sonic boom heard round the world, so much so that the Wall Street Journal carried an editorial titled “Ben Carson for President.”

With his slash-and-burn comments, Dr. Carson may have earned himself the dubious distinction of becoming the No. 1 target of the Obamaviks. He presents multiple problems for them, the first one being that he’s black.

Second, his life is filled with accomplishments – accomplishments achieved through personal initiative and hard work. How does a lazy community organizer like Obama, who has never had a real job, handle such credentials?

Third, Carson has clearly demonstrated that he’s not interesting in tiptoeing or making nice to the left-wing enemies of freedom.

What all this means is that, assuming Carson has no skeletons in his closet – which he has assured the world he does not – the left has no credible way of handling him. Carson is everything Obama is not – knowledgeable, hardworking and individualistic.

Put the names of Rand Paul, Jim DeMint and Benjamin Carson in a hat and, without looking, pick slips for president, vice president and perhaps secretary of state. What you’d end up with is the most powerful team of liberty advocates since the Founding Fathers.

A President Paul, President DeMint, or President Carson might even put an end to the Republiphiles’ incorrigible habit of cowering every time the Dirty Dems demand an apology from anyone who calls Barack Obama to task when he lies, violates the Constitution, or moves the country closer to insolvency.

That said, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for giving you false hopes, so I’ll close by reminding you that if there’s no election in 2016, all this speculation is nothing more than wishful thinking.