There’s a new kid in town, or at least that’s the first impression of the “Respect for Marriage Coalition.” Sounds kind of traditional, until you flinch at the picture of two brides. And they’ve launched a TV ad, making sure to highlight Republicans like Dick Cheney, to whom the left has always shown consistent respect.

It’s another push to sell homosexuality to the GOP and “conservatives,” and even though a few deluded politicos are buying it, the base has more sense.

The coalition itself, however, brings up more interesting issues. Is the “respect” angle a colossal joke? I visited the website and discovered that no, this coalition is posing as serious. But it’s the same old leftist names: the ACLU, People for the American Way, NOW, the Center for American Progress and, of course, the various outposts of Big Gay.

And Big Labor. Are most union members in America aware that their hard-earned dues dollars are spent to support two men being called “husband and husband” while calling you, Mr. and Mrs. America, hateful bigots?

Supporters of man/woman marriage get no respect from the likes of this coalition and in fact are recipients of constant abuse. Family Research Council, American Family Association and the National Organization for Marriage have the scars to show for taking a principled stand. I do, too. Some of the worst bullies are members of “Respect for Marriage.” But apparently, labor unions are pleased to join forces with the likes of these anti-family militants.

Signing on to this coalition are the AFL-CIO and its Pride at Work group, SEIU and CWA (Communications Workers of America). Then there are the public employee unions like AFSCME, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.

So, taxpayers cough up the funds to hire government workers and teachers, who in many states are then forced to pay $700-$800 per year or more in union dues, and those dues fund radical groups and candidates who spit in our faces and revolutionize our culture.

This compulsory funding of the left is far from “social justice.” Unions do not fund traditional-marriage ballot measures or pro-family groups, and it’s not because their rank-and-file members never sympathize with this viewpoint. They do.

But though unions believe the unborn can be disrespected and discarded through “choice,” unions maintain no one should have a choice on what position they support or whether to join. Unions are like air and gravity. They just are, and must be sustained and remain unaccountable.

To prop up a claim to be “bipartisan,” they toss a few dollars to the most liberal Republicans they can find, then go back to writing huge checks to radicals who support homosexual deviance, Marxist redistribution of income, feminism, illegal immigration, and will fight voter ID laws, school choice and, of course, right-to-work laws.

It’s a fascist scheme that goes against the grain of all that is American. Balance and “tolerance” in Big Labor are mostly missing.

The “Respect for Marriage” coalition member that grieves me most is the National Education Association. Wouldn’t you think that at the very least, the teachers of our country would donate to something non-controversial, something of benefit to children?

But no. NEA is now solidly on the bandwagon of same-sex faux marriage. NEA has long promoted the outrage of children being indoctrinated into approval of and, if desired, participation in homosexual behavior. President Dennis Van Roeckel endorsed the extreme “Welcoming Schools” grade school program of the Human Rights Campaign, HRC, which fails the “welcoming” test completely when it comes to Christians, conservatives or natural families.

HRC is one of the principal groups behind the “Respect for Marriage” coalition.

NEA and its subsidiaries have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last decade to GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Extremist GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings was honored with a prestigious award from NEA in 2004. Let’s never forget that GLSEN is a group that supports grade school children declaring themselves homosexual or transgender and exploits concerns over bullying to try to normalize this behavior. GLSEN supports explicit sexual behavior in all directions for kids.

The only thing that creates outrage at the NEA is when a delegate teacher stands up on the convention floor in July and dares to present a resolution supporting traditional marriage. When this happened in 2009, the chorus of “boos” from thousands of fellow teachers was overwhelming. Although there are many conservative educators, few become or remain NEA delegates in view of such disrespect.

The radicalism of NEA and its state affiliates is of particular interest to me this year, since “Freedom to Marry Ohio” launched a petition drive in my state to challenge the constitutional marriage amendment passed in 2004. It’s a certainty the unions will back this, including the Ohio Education Association, which lobbied against the amendment in 2004 as well as against our state Defense of Marriage Act, DOMA. The amendment passed by 62-38 percent, and DOMA passed and became law.

Failure doesn’t faze these radicals. They just re-package themselves (“Respect for Marriage Coalition”) and circle back around with old and new lies.

But no one is born “gay,” and it’s not like race. People have the “freedom to marry” now as a man and a woman, along with a few other stipulations, like age.

Yet romance is the left’s new spin, complete with violins and flowers. Freedom to love – shouldn’t everyone have it? No, not if it means you are treated like a subhuman by the new ruling “married” class while handing over your children for indoctrination in the new version of marriage endorsed with the NEA seal of approval.

This is coming even to Christian schools, friends, unless Americans stand up against this nonsense now. Religious freedom is being bulldozed, and these “Respect for Marriage” folks are in the driver’s seat.

And if you are a union member, you were forced to pay for this corruption of your kids and destruction of our faith and culture. It doesn’t get any more diabolical than that.

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