“I give up. I can’t do this anymore.”

Have those words come unbidden to your mind at any time in the last four years?

For Americans who believe in this nation, who believe in the ideals of liberty on which it is based and who believe they have the right to speak their minds, to raise their children as they wish, to keep what they earn, to defend themselves … for these Americans, there have been no more difficult years. As bad as the first term of Barack Hussein Obama has been, as he sought and succeeded in “fundamentally transforming” a free but beleaguered nation into a pauper and pariah on the world stage, the next four years promise to be worse. They promise to be worse because Obama no longer has any restraint on his behavior. His fellow travelers in the Democratic Party and among the GOP’s RINO contingent are similarly unfettered.

Where once the Democrats avoided stating explicitly what they wish for you and for this nation, knowing that their oppressive schemes and unsupportable economics would send voters running in the other direction, they now feel that anything they wish may be rammed down the throats of the American people. This is due, in part, to the fact that Romney was right: Half of the American people vote for a living as opposed to working for a living. They are no more interested in electing a Republican than they are in using something other than an EBT card to pay for their junk food. When a president as bad as Obama, as arrogant as Obama, as brittle as Obama, as defensive as Obama, as exhaustingly obnoxious as Obama, can repeatedly lie to, insult and lord his power over the American people, yet still gain re-election easily, there simply aren’t enough people interested in voting for liberty over security. The tipping point has been reached.

When we turn on the news we are met by an endless litany of bad news. During the Carter years, before the major networks were wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democratic Party, the media used to use terms like the “misery index” and “malaise” to describe the poor morale, the poor conditions, the poor leadership of our government. Obama’s accomplishments in office, against that index, are remarkable. They are remarkable for just how bad everything has gotten and how much worse it is poised to get.

Under Obama, unemployment skyrocketed. The Obama administration plays games with the unemployment numbers, going so far as to lie about the unemployment rates just prior to the presidential election, then revising them upward when it was over. We are told, over and over, that the economy is in recovery, that we are turning the corner, that the danger is in re-entering recession should we fail to comply with Glorious Leader Obama’s desires. But the numbers only get worse. Obama’s policies drive them deeper into the ground. Nothing changes, and no good news is ever reported. There is nothing but misery and inflation, higher prices and fewer opportunities. It is all thanks to Obama.

Obama nationalized the United States health-care system. The price tag for Obamacare is now many times what Obama estimated it to be. Citizens are poised to lose access to care while paying vastly more money in health-care premiums. Insurance companies are raising rates in fear and uncertainty over what is to come. The bottom line is that Obama’s socialized medicine will lower quality of medical treatment while raising cost. There is no other way to look at it. It is simple economics – economics Obama and his cronies do not understand.

Obama’s failed foreign policy and his disastrous State Department alienated every single ally America counted abroad. Our relationship with Israel is in tatters. We lost a nominally friendly government in Egypt and actively supported a revolution in Libya, producing anarchy that resulted in Muslim theocracies hostile to the United States. We insulted the queen of England and basically told Britain to pound sand. We displayed so much weakness that Russia holds us in sneering contempt and won’t return our State Department’s calls. China is mounting military attacks on our electronic infrastructure, and we’ll do precious little about it. The relationships Obama promised to foster in the wake of that reckless cowboy, George W. Bush, have instead been severed and trampled underfoot – all as Obama rushed to the golf course at every conceivable opportunity.

Obama doubled an already crippling deficit while lecturing America about reducing the deficit. He told Americans he did not want to take away their guns while pushing for policies that take away their guns. His racist attorney general, Eric Holder, recently announced that Americans have no right to educate their own children, even as Obama’s Department of Homeland Security stockpiled enough hollow-point antipersonnel ammunition to shoot every man, woman and child in the United States (five times). Any political opposition to Obama has been explicitly redefined as “domestic terrorism.” The Obama administration sees as the greatest threat to American security its own citizens – if those citizens did not and will not vote for Obama.

Obama mounts an endless campaign, giving speeches at every opportunity that sound like a man running for re-election. The time for debate is over, he tells us. Americans agree with me, he insists. Our crippling socialist transfers of wealth from producers to non-producers are actually making us stronger, he lies. Do as I say or my army of robot planes will murder you, because I can legally do that, he implies.

With every passing minute, it gets worse. Gas gets more expensive. Taxes soar higher. The Constitution is torn to shreds. And the man behind all of it, the man who bears the blame, the man with whom the buck stops, is Barack Hussein Obama. We are suffering because he is an incompetent fool who wants to rule every waking moment of your life. We are suffering because of his lust for power.

Don’t give up. Don’t surrender. You can keep doing this.

Fight Obama and the evil he represents.





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