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Facebook 'stifling weekend Obama rallies'

Americans for Legal Immigration political action committee officials say the social media network Facebook is blocking their paid ads which invite people to their “National Protests Against Barack Obama” scheduled at all 50 state capitols Saturday.

Despite the apparent effort to prevent word from spreading about the protests, the group still has managed to sign up more than 11,600 people calling for the impeachment or resignation of President Obama.

Another 6,000 people have managed to find the Saturday event on Facebook and have RSVP’d their intentions to join the protest.

WND searched Facebook for the event by typing in the exact title and came up with no matching results.

The group also said, “Several new, and unauthorized, clone events with hardly any attendees have sprung up and these fake event pages can be found in Facebook search results while the official page cannot be seen.”

ALIPAC president William Gheen has cited evidence of his claim regarding the Facebook censoring in a video posted on YouTube.

“Facebook blocked our ads, blocked those not already invited to the event page from finding our protest on the Facebook search engine, and is preventing us from stopping pro-Obama trolls from posting large volumes of aggressive comments on our event,” Gheen told WND today.

In the video, Gheen narrates the trouble he is experiencing with Facebook, showing his actions in logging into his account and viewing the ad management tool.

He says that ads for the “anti-Obama” event were running without problems as recently as Saturday but have since stopped running.

He instead receives a message that the ad is “pending review,” something that he says would normally only take a matter of minutes or hours.

“Facebook is clearly in the Obama camp and is enabling Obama supporters to abuse opponents,” Gheen told WND

“Lord only knows what devilish uses they are putting all of our private info on the site, too.”

Gheen says that regardless of the interference, the protests will proceed as planned.

A link directly to the event on Facebook can be found here.

The organizers of the event are asking people to appear in each of the 50 state capitol grounds for a peaceful protest.

“Please join us for a historic, healthy, peaceful, and racially inclusive expression of concerns and grievances through national protests against Obama,” the page says.

“More than half of America’s legal citizens disapprove of Obama,” it continues.

“Many are disappointed with Obama’s excessive spending, debt building, unconstitutional amnesty for illegal aliens, attacks on 1st and 2nd amendment rights, Benghazigate, Obamacare, tyrannical behavior, and constant efforts to deeply divide Americans instead of uniting us in tough economic times.

“Obama is placing the desires of illegal immigrants and their employers ahead of the well being of American workers, students, taxpayers, and voters!”

Gheen told WND the effort won’t be blocked by the social media giant’s actions.

Efforts to obtain comment from Facebook were unsuccessful.

“We are going to keep on working hard to let every American that has concerns about Obama know about our peaceful protests this weekend despite the underhanded censorship Facebook is directing at us,” Gheen told WND.

The group also urges citizens to exercise the right to protest and offers assistance if police or security fail to agree with those rights.

“If any private security or police officers are confused about your rights to picket in motion on public sidewalks, contact us immediately and explain to the officers we will seek a court injunction against any efforts to curtail our rights to freely assemble and to petition our grievances to our government!”