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Family awarded $63 million in Motrin case

Girl lost vision, skin from rare reaction to medication

(BOSTON GLOBE) The family of a Plymouth-area girl who nearly died and was left legally blind after taking one of the country’s most common household medicines, Children’s Motrin, was awarded $63 million Wednesday by a Massachusetts jury that found health care giant Johnson & Johnson failed to warn patients adequately about the painkiller’s potential side effects.

The family of Samantha Reckis, who was 7 at the time she suffered the severe reaction, said the verdict by a Plymouth County jury was a “historic day for consumer safety.” The unusually large award still needs the approval of the trial judge in the case.

The child was given the popular pain reliever ­after showing signs of fever around Thanksgiving in 2003. But as she continued to take the drug, her condition only worsened, to the point where her family didn’t know whether she would survive.

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