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Girls in the Boy Scouts? Why not?

Single-sex clubs, sports and schools were a staple of child-rearing for all of human history until 20th-century feminism demanded gender equity. Now, girls tangle with boys on wrestling teams while male-dominated sports are cut on the budget block.

Feminists complain about budget disparity between boy and girl sports; then they complain if boys join the girls’ teams. They complain if fewer girls take advantage of the opportunities and there are still more boys participating in sports than girls.

Such are the complications of life when we start tampering with the obvious fact that girls and boys are different.

And the boy/girl thing has been, understandably, kept out of the social milieu of Scouting in the U.S. Why? The single-sex environment becomes distracted and possibly corrupted by the premature introduction of sexual attraction – or at least we used to think so.

With all the uproar about the Boy Scouts possibly admitting open homosexuals, it won’t be surprising if soon feminists capitalize on this opportunity to demand equality there, too. Yes, it’s true they have the Girl Scouts of America. And avid male-haters have already destroyed the Girl Scouts with advocacy of abortion, homosexuality, and contemporary paganism. “Transgendered” boys who claim to be girls are now welcome into some GSA troops.

Praise God there are now options like American Heritage Girls for girls who want to be girls, honor God and honor America.

But in Canada, the major boy scouting organization admitted girls in 1998 along with homosexuals, atheists, etc. Within five years, the membership had dropped 50 percent.

Penetrating all-male venues is a high feminist goal even when it’s unnecessary. And what the Boy Scouts are considering – allowing open homosexual identity and attraction into the local troop environment – smashes the biggest barrier to mixed-sex clubs.

In addition to openly “gay” boys at Boy Scout camp, girls would also fit the goal of equality based on sexual orientation with, of course, tragically labeled “transgender” children showing up next. Confusion and anarchy are coming, and it’s all because the left refuses to acknowledge reality, nor shows genuine concern for children.

The Boy Scout decision is now delayed until May. It’s highly possible the May annual meeting vote will be shaped by local leaders who bend to the pressure of its executive board. AT&T’s Randall Stephenson, in line to be the next Boy Scout board president, joins Ernst & Young’s Jim Turley in pushing the Scouts to bless sodomy as the new definition of being “morally straight.” And we wonder why kids today are confused? Look at the adults.

The board may also be eager for pro-homosexual business contributions. Are the local troops and councils going to be able to resist intense pressure from the national board as well as the arm-twisting and divisive tactics of homosexual advocates in their churches? Add to this the smear campaigns already coming out of the state and national “gay” groups.

For instance, the Human Rights Campaign said, in reference to the vote delay, that, “Young Americans, gay and straight, are hurt by the inaction.” The truth is, of course, just the opposite. This ban protects boys from harm, but HRC doesn’t think homosexuality is harmful to kids, and therefore, no responsible parent or troop leader should pay any attention to them.

It’s very unsettling and unjust to be called “hateful” when you don’t deserve it, but Jesus told us this would happen (Matthew 10:22). Some in today’s American Christianity just don’t think it should happen to them, and certainly not over this issue. Persecution should come over something nobler, like missions or feeding the poor. But what happens if we don’t defend our boys?

The sad writing on the wall is that most Boy Scout leaders are likely to cave. I pray this doesn’t happen, but there’s already so much compromise in this organization, what could we expect? BSA has had a non-discrimination policy on its site that includes “sexual orientation” and “gender” since 2011, apparently for local councils. That doesn’t look like a group with the backbone to survive the pro-“gay” juggernaut. Short of a miracle, this vote is already lost and the BSA is as well.

What’s left of the organization will fragment and deteriorate. The good news is that solid new Boy Scout alternative groups are likely to be organized quickly, and discerning parents will take their boys to one of these.

If this vote goes south, sexual attraction will be an acknowledged element of social interaction in the Boy Scout troop. That’s because there’s no way to deny this “expression” by homosexual boys or leaders being “who they are.” Sexual behavior will still be prohibited on paper – wink, wink – but not identity and attraction.

So why keep out the girls? The rationale for exclusion of females will be pretty much gone. And “transgender” leaders and children will demand entry into the BSA before long. The activists are already gearing up for this assault on common sense and morality.

Are you sick yet? Would you like to hear less about the corruption of our kids, the deception of deviant sexuality, and more about nurturing and protection? About principled discipleship?

Vigilance has been our charge as stewards of this generation, and for relaxing our watch as we try to be understanding and “nice,” this is the rotten fruit we get. Sometimes, you have to say “no” and not worry about being called a meanie by those who don’t get it. The one thing we can do is act now to protect our own children and grandchildren.

And even though we must pray fervently for the Boy Scouts, it seems prudent to find an alternative. A Scout camp-out this summer? Parents should think about other plans now. Don’t wait until May.