Mr. Farah:

I have read numbers of articles regarding gun control and have analyzed numerous comments. But no one is saying what needs to be said regarding our Second Amendment. You just said it, perfectly clearly [“Why does anyone need an AR-15?”].

Everyone usually relates gun ownership to hunting, self-defense, sports shooting, etc. But the Second Amendment mentions nothing about any of those. It was armed citizens who were responsible for fighting the war that won us our liberties and freedoms. If we were responsible enough to succeed at that hard task, then why shouldn’t we be responsible enough to be allowed to own weapons for the purpose of maintaining and defending those rights that so many died to win?

Once we give up our right to bear arms, we will also be giving up our rights to the freedoms and liberties that separate us, America, from the rest of the world.

Ted Nugent is a hell of a lot more then merely a great guitarist. He is an extremely intelligent gun owner who knows what words to use to defend out Second Amendment. I consider him a leader in the protection of our rights, as do millions of other Americans.

Thanks for the great support you and your publication give to the armed citizen. Without it, I believe the government would have their way.

Thanks you for all your efforts and your patriotism.

Barry Zell

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