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Gun-control shootout at the Twitter Corral


For folks who aren’t familiar with Twitchy, it is the “news wire of the 21st century,” a site that selects and organizes or “curates” Twitter topics. Last week it tracked withering crossfire blasting state legislative attempts to limit the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Topics that invited twitchy trigger fingers included gun and ammo manufacturers who announced they’ll stop selling to law enforcement agencies in states that have or are about to enact restrictive gun laws; politicians who are inviting gun and ammo-makers to relocate to their states; President Obama’s invitation to victims to share their gun violence stories on his website; and VA letters sent to veterans detailing the prohibition of gun ownership or purchases.

The result? A shootout at the Twitter Corral.

The sip heard round the world!

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio’s awkward water grab during his recent rebuttal to the State of the Union address created a cascade of media headlines carrying water for the left, which did not go unnoticed by social networking denizens.

Best tweet? “Rubio: drinking water. Obama: treading water. MSM: carrying water. Americans: underwater.”

The “big sip” turned into a lemons-into-lemonade opportunity when Rubio supporters offered water bottles bearing his name for a $25 donation, raising $100,000 for his Reclaim America PAC.

A photo of the Florida senator bumping “Rubios” while in Israel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went viral on Twitter.

Close Encounters

You are about to enter … the Twilight Zone. A new website for UFO believers is already attracting thousands who suspect extraterrestrial beings are out there.

The message of UFOs Disclosed is intriguing: “Powerful forces are scheming and plotting to shut this webpage down RIGHT NOW. ‘They’ know that unleashing this ‘classified’ information into society could have an explosive effect. … Close your Facebook window … shut down your email … turn off your cell phone and listen … very … carefully. You’re about to have a close encounter.”

Pax et tweetum vobiscum

A Photoshop of mitered eggs making the rounds asks, “What do you call a retired pope?”

Pope Benedict XVI’s @Pontifex Twitter account will go dark this Thursday upon his retirement. Benedict’s Vatican tweets, which appear in nine languages, have about 1.5 million followers in English, 700,000 in Spanish and 22,500 in Latin, according to CNN.

Speaking of eggs …

Twitchy headlines that “Twitter ‘eggs’ scramble to push Obama’s #WeDemandAVote gun-control effort; Conservatives hijack.”

A newly hatched Twitter account user with an “egg” avatar cracked open to “lend the president a hand with his gun-control effort.”

“The @BarackObama account, fresh off of exploiting Gabby Giffords to push its demand that Congress vote on an assault weapons ban, is doing its best to get #WeDemandAVote trending,” Twitchy reported, “but some conservatives are noticing that a lot of the supporters are a little, um, young. They have zero followers, follow no one and have tweeted just once.”

So who has egg on their face? Sounds like the yolk’s on @BarackObama.

Need a fix?

I get the shakes just thinking about it! Does your mood lift when you go online? Conversely, do you feel antsy, walk in circles and get depressed after you’ve logged off? Research shows the longer you’re surfin’, the more your brain craves. Without it, withdrawal, baby. The shakes. Just put the device down and step away slowly.

The King and I

After its account received publicity for being hacked last week, Burger King’s Twitter gained 30,000 new followers.

The following day, Jeep’s Twitter account also was hacked as were MTV and BET – or were they?

No petting!

A Florida man arrested after he Facebooked photos of himself and his two toddlers frolicking with a baby manatee now faces molestation charges … of a sea cow.

Someone saw the photos and called the Florida Fish and Wildlife authorities who booked Mr. Waterman (yes, that’s really his name). Manatees are considered endangered. It is unknown if the young manatee will – after all the cuddling – require psychiatric evaluation.

Are you a boy or are you a girl?

If you use emoticons, ellipses (…), expressive lengthening (nooo waaay), repeated exclamation marks, puzzled punctuation (combinations of ? and !), the abbreviation omg, and transcriptions of backchannels like ah, hmm, ugh and grr, you might be a male. Then again, maybe not.

A 3rd birthday? Already?

The countdown begins!

This could be the BEST birthday yet! Watch this video and find out why!

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