For years, Muslim Brotherhood groups and Islamic supremacists have worked feverishly to co-opt the race narrative from civil rights groups here in America. Seeing the success of “white guilt” pushback, Muslim groups have long mythologized imaginary “Islamophobia” as “racist,” despite the fact that Islam is not a race. The absurdity of all this became clear last week, as if it weren’t already, during a violent incident involving Muslim students at a Minneapolis high school.

The Star Tribune reported that “a cafeteria fight at Minneapolis South High School escalated into a melee involving hundreds of students Thursday, spurred by what parents and students said are growing racial tensions between Somali-American students and others.”

The Star Tribune said that the fight was “the culmination of increasing racial tensions,” but didn’t say what race the students were who were fighting against the Muslim students. However, the Minn Post did: One student said that “the fights were over pride. ‘I know it’s a pride thing between Muslims and black people,’ she said. ‘They want their pride back for something. I don’t know.’ She also said ‘boys were hitting girls’ and that some people were lying on the floor, with their hands over their heads, in surrender. … The fight, students say, was the result of long-simmering tensions between the 8 percent of students who are Somali-Americans and the 20 percent who are African-Americans.”
The scene got violent quickly. According to the Star Tribune, “police said that 200 to 300 students shoved, kicked and threw bottles at one other and that extra Minneapolis police officers were called in to break up the fighting. Three students and one staff member were taken to a hospital for medical treatment, and police said rioting and disorderly conduct charges could be filed.”

Muslim students versus black students: Who’s the racist?

These escalating episodes show the absurdity of Muslim supremacist narrative about “racism,” but do not think for one second that the Hamas-goons at the Islamic supremacist hate group known as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, will cede this lie. Hamas-CAIR is calling on its operatives at the Department of Education and the Department of Justice to intervene to “resolve racial issues” at the school.

Here is the CAIR grievance-mongering and bullying strategy: The executive director of Hamas-CAIR’s Minnesota branch, Lori Saroya, said that “racial and religious tensions in the community often manifest in schools and need to be taken very seriously.All students must have a safe learning environment.”

Uh, Islam is not a race. This incident actually has nothing to do with racial tensions, and everything to do with religious tensions, which are, as always, Islamic in origin. This fight was just more of the poisonous fruit of importing whole Muslim communities under the Refugee Resettlement Program. We see this increasingly with such programs: Whole Muslim communities from jihad-hot countries are being imported into small to mid-sized American towns and cities and are having deleterious effects on host communities.

Last July, a Minnesota sheriff reported to Congress on the growing Somalia Muslim gang threat. And just wait till they outnumber the local students. The Somalis do not have the advantage yet. At last count, there were more than 60,000 in Minneapolis, and the city got big money to allow them there under the Refugee Resettlement Program. The consequences of these disastrous decisions will be felt for years to come.

Furthermore, there is no ideology more racist than Islam. Black in Arabic, abeed, means slave, and many Muslim countries still traffic in black slavery.

But Hamas-CAIR doesn’t care about any of that. They see a chance to exploit this incident to get further special privileges and special accommodation for Muslims, and they’re grabbing it.
Hamas-CAIR says that its mission is to “enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.”

Mutual? Actually all they are offering is one-way understanding backed with increasing intimidation and open violence.


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