Regarding the question on your February Whistleblower cover [“Tyranny or stupidity?”], the answer is simply, “Yes.”

Tyranny, because the administration believes it can willfully violate the “antiquated” Constitution to accomplish what it knows best. The complicity of Congress has added to that concept. Congress has not fulfilled the obligation it assumed when it swore to uphold that antiquated Constitution.

Stupidity, because neither the president nor Congress recognize the growing unrest of the common man. Following the French and Indian War, the colonies began to recognize the need for united action. Because there was no Constitution, they had to resort to battle. Now that the Constitution exists, the controls are in place to eliminate the tyranny without doing battle. Combine that with the communication systems available today, which were not available in 1776, and you have the means for the common man to return to the format envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

It must be remembered that one-third of the colonists wanted to separate from England, one-third wanted to remain with England, and one-third didn’t care one way or the other. The result is the united colonies becoming the United States. Today, however, we are faced with even better odds. According to statistics, the conservatives hold about 40 percent, liberals 20-30 percent and “moderates” the remainder.

If the colonists could do what they did with one-third of the populace, with lousy communications, what can the conservatives do with the 40 percent and excellent communications?

Once again, the answer to the question on your fantastic magazine is simply, “Yes”.

William Beckman

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