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Hold state lawmakers accountable for gun grabs

Patriots nationwide were shocked and disgusted this week when the Democrat-controlled Colorado House of Representatives passed a package of strict gun-control measures that were nothing more than quintessentially inane and unconstitutional Pavlovian responses to violence perpetrated with firearms. These do nothing to ameliorate gun violence of course, but always place citizens at greater risk and further empower an increasingly intrusive government.

Prior to this travesty, President Obama’s misadventurous sidekick, Vice President Joe Biden, called a handful of Colorado Democratic legislators and pressured them to support proposals, which included universal background checks for gun transfers and a 15-round limit on ammunition magazines.

As some readers of this space are aware, I was born and raised in New York, but relocated to Colorado many years ago to escape the intrusiveness of paternalistic, puke-gutted liberal elite politicos. Sadly, these have insinuated themselves into the Colorado Legislature.

What shocked and disgusted Coloradans, as well as those who are familiar with its history and tradition of intrepid individualism and freedom, was the effluvia of intellectually retarded arguments that emanated from the state house floor during the debate over the relevant bills. These were replete with the same misconceptions, misrepresentations and outright fallacies proffered by the most rabid anti-gun lobbyists and the White House. Many would be comical were it not for the very real potential for danger to life and limb.

Liberals have been alleging a Republican and conservative “War on Women” for years now. In 2012, during the controversy over birth-control provisions in Obamacare that conflicted with the doctrine of the Catholic Church, this fire was fueled anew. With the general election approaching, liberals managed to capitalize on the pathetic, whining testimony of Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke before House Democrats to stoke the flames of political enmity and perpetuate the idea that Republicans and conservatives hold antipathy toward women.

Conservatives and even some liberals took note of the abject hypocrisy of Colorado’s legislature with regard to the effect of their gun-control measures vis-à-vis the ability of women to protect themselves. The unvarnished gutlessness and manifest insanity of liberal thinking in this area was best expressed by Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar, who made incomprehensibly doltish remarks during the House debate over HB13-1224, which addressed the prohibition of large-capacity magazines.

“That’s why we have call boxes. That’s why we have safe zones. That’s why we have whistles.”

Colorado Rep. Joe Salazar

While Salazar’s shallow and insensitive comments backfired for him politically, they also gave rise to reiteration of the usual liberal protocols for rape prevention. These include such useless courses of action as screaming, vomiting, defecating, urinating and attempting to convince the rapist that one is menstruating or has a sexually transmitted disease. (I believe that spontaneously combusting to avoid rape was once advised, but this was abandoned so as not to unduly injure the rapist.) A list of rape prevention “tips” provided by the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, billed as “last resort” options to deter a sexual assault, resulted in viral responses in social-media circles.

None of this, however, will be addressed by the treasonous American press – so it is up to us to do so. Many who observed the process in Colorado were proverbially hit over the head with the reality of where this subversion of the Second Amendment is going and how quickly it is occurring. I believe that a new segment of Americans suddenly realized that this is not about guns; our megalomaniacal communist of a president and his cohorts want Americans defenseless.

This must be broadcast by liberty-loving Americans with the same vigor that liberals dramatize such trite nonsense as a human being taking a drink of water on-camera.

While liberal alternatives to defending oneself with a firearm remain monumentally impractical as well as idiotic, and underscoring their hypocrisy is an imperative, our objective should include more than engaging women and those who are concerned for their safety. This must be a part of shedding light on the fact that in this battle against totalitarianism, there are those who are enabling same in our state houses, and even in our municipal governments.

Know that if the state in which you live is passing new gun-control measures in the wake of White House fearmongering and widespread liberal anti-gun propaganda, your state legislators are enemies of the Constitution of the United States of America – no less. It was only after public outcry and a Democratic lawmaker’s balking that the state of Washington pulled a controversial gun-control bill (which gave law enforcement authority to enter homes and check for proper weapons storage) from the state’s website.

Similarly, if your state government is implementing a Health Care Exchange (as stipulated in Obamacare), it is implicitly colluding with the Obama administration in the neutralization of your constitutional liberties. In addition to having been passed with marginal legality and being an unconstitutional law, there are countless provisions therein that promise to immeasurably erode our liberties.

While we may have limited influence on the would-be dictator in the White House and Congress, we have the names and numbers of those in our own states, counties and cities who are aligning with America’s universal enemies.

Now, it is up to us to use them.