This is addressed to Ted Nugent:

Ted, while I am not a fan of rock music, I do remember your advertisement flyers while in college and wondered who the heck you were.

Now I know, and I fully agree with your position on the Second Amendment [“Let me be free”]. Sadly, what most people forget is that with rights come responsibilities. While I have the right to say anything I want (including yelling “fire” in a movie theater), I must also accept the consequences of my actions. This is sadly lacking these days.

So, in my opinion, the Second Amendment gives me the right to own a tank (of my choice), if I can afford and maintain it, and keep it safe. If I own a tank, then I am responsible for what happens if that tank gets into the wrong hands if I have not provided a reasonable level of security to keep it safe, just as with ANY weapon.

The Second Amendment gives me the right to own military-grade weapons, as the purpose is to be able to protect yourself from tyranny – this includes fully automatic weapons.

Any concealed-carry laws are unconstitutional as they are an infringement upon my right to bear arms.

Anyone who thinks that the government will do what’s best for the people is a fool. The government will always do what’s best for the government unless opposed.


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