Dear Mr. Farah,

I don’t know if you learned this or were aware of it in your “young pioneer/hero of the revolution” days [“When the left liked guns”], but the people running the raping, butchering and “ethnic cleansing” of Russian Christians in 1917 are the SAME people pulling Obama’s strings. They didn’t have to work very hard with Lenin to get the dirty work done then, and it doesn’t appear that they need to push Obama very much either.

Your “new” theory is only half of what’s going on. Patrice Lewis, in her Saturday column, has the other half: mental illness and how the Bolsheviks use it against anybody that opposes them. So, now you have both pieces of the Marxist plot.

I’m sure you realize that our side is just playing into the hands of the Marxists (Bolsheviks) by agreeing on this “mental health” issue. It isn’t the “mental health” aspect of all of this (gun) violence; it’s the DRUGS! That’s where our side must focus in this battle against Feinstein and her willing toadies on gun control/confiscation. Your Mr. Kupelian spelled it all out in his last column, and it confirmed every bit of my research on the subject: It’s the drugs!

Between the psychotropics given to children like candy, to the crack babies now adults and illegal drugs (crank/speed being the biggest), it’s a wonder the country hasn’t erupted in civil warfare already.

Real Americans need ti wake up to the fact that we are facing a Bolshevik insurgency Too bad the idiots in the GOP have caved.

Keep up the good work.

Mike Martin

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